This past week has been pretty hectic: I started looking for a new place and found one! So, I’ve been getting things ready to move… and I just started “Lost”. It’s pretty clear that I’ve had no time to write up a post.

I have, however, had time to read a few things online that I found to be really interesting! I’ll post them here.

  • So, this new book looks really cool! It compiles conversations between Julian Assange, Jacob Appelbaum and others on what else, but the Internet. Yay! Definitely want to get a hold of it soon.
  • Here’s a transcript of a talk Danah Boyd gave at the TechKnowledge conference. She touches on a few things that I find particularly interesting, like how youth groups use networking and ultimately change privacy norms to work for them.
  • Kartina Richardson’s great take on the film Django Unchained and the portrayal of slavery on film.
  • I don’t know about you, but I was always a fan of Gerard Depardieu.
  • Stop Calling It “Digital Humanities”
  • Black Mirror, I’m unsure if I should start this show instead of Lost…
  • Finally, Snoop Lion’s wordpress.